truth – 11/4/2013

truth is the weight ’round the neck of the drowning man;
the hands of his comrade sunk ‘neath ice five fathoms deep
clinging with fervent desperation to his boots
the numb fingers tugging at his laces, digging into his flesh.

truth is the dark heavy waters crushing all air from life
all light from the world
the unendurable darkness, icy, riveting, inexorable
truth is the bellows of your lungs aching in desperate time ‘gainst the drum of your heart
marching to war, trudging toward a foe you cannot perceive

truth is your own hand on your throat
scratching for a last desperate gasp
a traitorous claw to punish its master so
truth is a sea of red frost tumbling over your vision
as your heartbeat matches that of the impassive universe

we send our babes to sea in coracles of lead
we put our sick to rest in plagued blankets
we ease our wives down into the nuptial bed of rust and ruin
and each day we butter our own bread of bitterness with hate sharp enough to skin the dew from a field of heather

a spare repast of bitterness and rejected reality

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