So I did a thing.

***Update: As per a friend’s advice, the actual submissions are gonna be gone for a bit–just so long as necessary for sixfold to do what they gotta do. If you’re want a peek, just let me know!

For those who aren’t in the know (like me, last week), does a regular publication. They take short stories and poetry, and a pal of mine threw it out there. If you’re curious, you’ve pretty much missed the boat for this particular publication. But fret not– check out their site for more information on the next go-round. I’ll be back here with my full report once the experience is over. It caught my attention from the start and, well–

I jumped on it.

Not necessarily because I’m all that confident in my work (the past few hours have proven otherwise with no room for argument). Not because I’m ready to explore writing professionally (although I am teaching the class that purportedly explores careers in writing–go figure). Not even because I’m missing my Shoofly days at Kutztown University (though that’s part of it).

I guess it’s just because it’s been long enough and I’ve grown complacent enough that it was time for a shock.

I’ve put the link for the thing below. Hopefully it’s the first step to coming back here with increasing regularity. And hey–the worst thing that happens? I read a whole bunch of wonderful submissions from wonderful people who make me feel like the shmuck I am (check the details on the website to see what I mean).

The best thing? I dunno. I keep going.

The submission’s linked below–check it out at your leisure.

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