Titles and Home Pages

As I wrap up shop for the evening–posting old NaNoWriMo work, checking formatting, and such–it comes to mind that I’ve never taken the time to explain anything here. Nothing of substance, at least.

So, in that vein, a few thoughts before I close out. Feel free to add questions/comments/etc. in the space below; the whole idea of making the process of writing here, uploading here, and being here habitual will require more of my attention, so it’s a done deal that I’ll get back to you.

  1. The title of the site.

Stolen directly from Kahlil Gibran’s poem (poetic compilation? philosophical manuscript?) of the same name. I’ll link my favorite online version here; if you’re not familiar or haven’t checked it out recently, do so. It is one of those rare works of literature that is always refreshing for the soul. I mean that in the least hippy-dippy way I can; there are gems in there that make life feel good. I mean, jeez:

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky. We fell them down and turn them into paper that we may record our emptiness.”

So the title steal is pretty straightforward. Gibran’s poetry has the honesty, the vivid imagery, and the lasting value I hope to attain–so it’s nice to have that goal right up front.

  1. The goal of the site.

Smooth segue. Simple: this is a place for me to publish my work for public perusal–an arena for me to force myself to share my work.

“Since, my friend, you have revealed your deepest fear/
I sentence you to be exposed before your peers/
Tear down the wall” (“The Trial,” Pink Floyd’s The Wall)

The more I force myself to share, the better my writing will be, and the more I’ll write.

Anyway, that’s the plan.

  1. What you might get out of the site.

Hopefully something to enjoy. Comments, questions, etc. are always welcome; it would even be a favor–another impetus for me to engage even more deeply with this site as a place for my work. Hopefully if you’re teetering on the verge of doing something similar yourself, this might serve to push you over–but I don’t have any solid aims for anything so grand.


That will do for introductions for now. Thanks for reading, and hope to see you again soon.

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