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As already mentioned in “Essay”, this section is reserved for what we’ll call traditional creative writing – as applied to prose. Narrative, fiction, non-fiction, memoir (gah! how old I must sound) – all the juicy bits that just don’t fit.
Consider it a grab bag.

NaNoWriMo 2016: Work in Progress–FULL TEXT RUNNING VERSION

“I am waiting.” *** Three hours earlier, I had not expected to end my night talking to—with?—a cat. Yet here I was in the early blackness of midwinter morning staring into the orange eyes of a tabby-colored creature, arched whiskers … Continue reading

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Voyager II

The wind whipped across the freeway, while above, steel clouds scudded across the sky.  Grey – ominous – oppressive; through them, the pale disk of the sun hung, precariously small, like some atmospheric satellite image of a deserted probe on … Continue reading

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